Erase the Signs of Aging

Even if you avoid direct sun exposure and regularly care for your skin, wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of our skin’s life cycle and are bound to show up eventually. For years, the only option for treating sagging and wrinkled skin was going under the knife for a facelift.

Today, we provide Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport in Sewickley to offer our clients a tasteful, nonsurgical way to restore youth and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and folds that have appeared from years of smiling, squinting, frowning, or yawning.


Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Duration of Results:

3–4 months

What It Treats

Frown lines

Forehead lines

Top of the nose



Above the mouth




Your Wrinkle Relaxer Options

Benefits of Dysport in Sewickley


Dysport is one of our most popular injectables for a reason. It works very well in not only smoothing the skin, but also preventing future wrinkles!


Not only is Dysport FDA-approved, but neurotoxin injectables have also proven themselves to be highly effective and safe for decades.


Dysport can be used for a variety of wrinkle treatments. It has proven successful for both men and women and is beloved by patients of all skin types and ethnicities.

Our Wrinkle Relaxer Process

Step 1

Arrive on Time

We prefer that you arrive on time for your appointment so you can sit back and relax during your wrinkle relaxer appointment. You are able to fill out most required forms online, so you should not have to arrive early for paperwork.

Step 2

Relax & Enjoy

Trust that you are in the hands of an experienced member of our esthetician team, and just take this time to enjoy the relaxer process. Wrinkle relaxers are not painful, and the only possible discomfort is the injection itself, so you can take the time to either chat with your provider, or sit back, relax, and listen to our calming music.

Step 3

Next Steps

For Dysport in Sewickley, we’ll give you any aftercare instructions you may need, and we’ll reschedule another appointment if your care team determines you need multiple sessions. You won’t see results immediately, but you’ll be able to see the results in the coming 7–10 days!

How to Prep for Wrinkle Relaxers

10 Days Before

Avoid aspirin (e.g. Bayer, Excedrin) and other blood-thinning medications (e.g. vitamin E, fish oil) for at least 10 days before injections.

3 Days Before

Avoid ibuprofen (e.g. Advil, Motrin) for 3 days before injections. Note: if you’re concerned about pain or bruising, you can take Tylenol before your appointment.

Zinc Supplements

Consider a zinc supplement in the weeks leading up to your Botox injections. Studies have shown that higher levels of zinc in the body are related to higher efficacy of Botox and other injectables.

Retinoid Products

Discontinue the use of retinoid (vitamin A) products for at least 2 days before and 2 days after treatment.

How to Get the Most From Wrinkle Relaxers

No Touching/Massaging

No touching or massaging the injection site to avoid moving the material to a spot it wasn’t intended to be.

Stay Upright

Keep your head upright for at least 4 hours to help reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process.


Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen when outside, as UV rays can disperse the injectable in your skin, shortening the effect.

Avoid for 1 Week

Avoid scrubs, toners, and abrasive cleansers for at least a week to ensure you do not disrupt the precisely-applied Botox.


Sleep with your face up and slightly elevated if you are experiencing swelling.

Physical Activity

Avoid strenuous activity or aerobics for 24 hours after your injections.

Treat Your Skin

You don’t have to worry about treating your skin by mistreating your wallet! With either our “No Filter Needed” or “My Favorite Things” memberships, you’ll be able to receive the same quality care and products from your favorite skincare team at premium prices.


Three Locations for Your Skin

Our team at Your Skin Prescription is dedicated to providing you the highest quality care possible, so you can always look and feel your best. In addition to our Sewickley location, we now treat our clients for select services at our Oui Glam Studio in McMurray, PA, as well as at MixxHouse Salon in Ross Township.

Make a Plan for Your Skin

Try our treatment planning tool to make the perfect treatment plan for your skin.

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Did You Know…

While wrinkle relaxers are mostly known for their purpose in aesthetics, they can also treat underlying muscular conditions like neck spasms, eye twitching, lazy eyes, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, and even some neurological conditions, like cerebral palsy.

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