P-Shot in Pittsburgh

Last Longer With The Power of Platelets and Exosomes

At one time or another, most men will struggle with issues of sexual performance. This is especially true as men age, as your body naturally produces less testosterone. Regardless of your age, our P-shot in Pittsburgh is an excellent solution for issues relating to men’s sexual health! Using platelet-rich plasma and healing exosomes from your own body, the P-shot is a natural solution that provides long-term relief for men experiencing sexual performance issues.


Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 

3–6 sessions

Duration of Results:


What It Treats

Erectile Dysfunction

Blood circulation

Sexual function

Libido loss

Premature ejaculation

Benefits of P-Shot in Pittsburgh

Increased Sexual Performance

By utilizing the natural growth hormones within your body, the P-shot strengthens the penis and increases sensation throughout the area. The treatment can also reduce the causes of premature ejaculation.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

The P-shot has also been shown to improve and restore blood circulation within the penis, which leads to firmer, sustained erections that also complement any medication the patient is taking (such as Viagra or Cialis).

Natural Treatment

Because the P-shot utilizes the platelets from your own body, the treatment itself is completely natural and produces long-term results!

Our P-Shot Process

Step 1


First, with any of our treatments for men’s health at Your Skin Prescription, you’ll have an initial consultation to create a plan with one of our providers. We’ll go over your medical history, and we’ll work together to create the best treatment plan for your unique health needs.

Step 2

Receive Your Injection

Trust that your injection will be quick and painless, especially in the hands of an experienced member of our esthetician team. A P-shot in Pittsburgh is not painful, and the only possible discomfort is the injection itself, so once it’s over, you’ll be able to go about your day as normal.

Step 3

Next Steps

We’ll make sure you have any and all aftercare instructions, and we’ll schedule your next P-shot appointment, if necessary. We’ll answer any questions you may have, so you can leave feeling comfortable and confident about your treatment.

How to Prep for P-Shot

Speak to Your Medical Provider

Prior to any sort of medical procedure, it’s best to speak to your provider to ensure that P-shot treatment is right for you. During this time, you can review your medical history and your medications.

Know the Potential Side Effects

Side effects aren’t always prevalent, but there are some potential side effects of P-shot treatments. If you experience extreme or worsening symptoms, please contact your provider.

Additional Recommendations

Talk to your provider to see if they have any additional pre-care instructions prior to your first treatment.

How to Get the Most From P-Shot


Use all medications as directed for the recommended amount of time. Refrain from taking Motrin for 4–6 weeks after treatment.


Use a penis pump as directed by your provider.

Symptoms/Side Effects

Speak to your provider if you experience any abnormal or prolonged symptoms. Seek urgent medical attention if you develop a fever, scarring, severe swelling, bleeding, or an infection.

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Our team at Your Skin Prescription is dedicated to providing you the highest quality care possible, so you can always look and feel your best. In addition to our Sewickley location, we now treat our clients for select services at our Oui Glam Studio in McMurray, PA, as well as at MixxHouse Salon in Ross Township.

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Did You Know…

The P-shot was invented by Charles Runels, M.D. in 2010.

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