Optimize Your Hormones for Your Best Performance

If you struggle with unpleasant symptoms like low energy, mood swings, or poor sleep, then you might have issues with your hormone levels. Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, in Pittsburgh uses various methods to help restore your hormones to optimal levels! When taken at the correct dosage, patients can benefit from increased mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health.


Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 

3–6 sessions

Duration of Results:


What It Treats

Problems with sleep

Lack of energy

Muscle loss

Mood swings and irritability

Loss of libido

Sexual health issues

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Improve Health & Well-being

With the proper dosage, HRT in Pittsburgh can help alleviate common concerns in patients to maximize their health and well-being.

Increased Libido

Hormone replacement therapy has also been shown to improve sex drive and treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in women.

Customizable Treatment

We customize your treatment to your individual hormone levels to make sure that it addresses your symptoms and your concerns.

Our Hormone Replacement Process

Step 1


First, with any of our wellness treatments at Your Skin Prescription, you’ll have an initial consultation to create a plan with one of our providers. During this consultation, this gives us the opportunity to learn more about you and identify your goals for treatment.

Step 2


For HRT in Pittsburgh, we’ll prescribe you a customized medication, and we’ll schedule regular follow-ups to ensure you are experiencing the best results possible. You can trust that our experienced and caring team members at Your Skin Prescription have your back every step of the way!

Step 3

Next Steps

During your follow-up appointments, we’ll see if any additional treatments will be needed to treat your specific health and wellness concerns, and, if so, we’ll schedule those appointments.

How to Prep for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Know the Risks

If you suffer from blood clots, cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, or liver disease, or are at risk for a stroke, you may not be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

Know the Side Effects

There are several potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy treatments. If you experience extreme or worsening symptoms, please contact your provider. Hot flashes, bloating, swelling, tenderness, cramps, and indigestion are all potential side effects.

How to Get the Most From Hormone Replacement Therapy

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Follow the individual aftercare instructions your provider gives you. This could include your dosage and at-home instructions, as well as other suggested medications.

Plan for Better Health

With our memberships, you can count on your favorite health and wellness team for consistent care! With either our “No Filter Needed” or “My Favorite Things” memberships, you can receive the same quality treatments and products at premium prices.


Three Locations for Your Skin

Our team at Your Skin Prescription is dedicated to providing you the highest quality care possible, so you can always look and feel your best. In addition to our Sewickley location, we now treat our clients for select services at our Oui Glam Studio in McMurray, PA, as well as at MixxHouse Salon in Ross Township.

Create a Health Plan

With our treatment planning tool, you’ll be able to create a unique health and wellness plan!

Build My Treatment Plan

Did You Know…

The first hormone replacement therapy product was created in 1942, named “Premarin,” and was derived from horse hormones.

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