Nicole Breisinger

Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chatham University in 2004.  She spent the next 11 years developing her clinical skills within the UPMC hospital system.  Nicole’s expertise grew from bedside patient management within the ER, Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Catheterization Lab in a Level 1 trauma center.  Her diversified background in nursing laid the foundation for future endeavors.  In 2010, Nicole began the second stage of her career starting a family with the birth of her son Brennan.  Two years later, she welcomed her daughter Brielle into the world and spent the next 8 years balancing her personal and professional goals.
In 2011, Nicole was diagnosed with Melanoma which would change the course of her nursing career.  What started out of necessity turned into a passion for skincare management.  Over the next few years, Nicole combined her skills of nursing and interest in skincare into the launch of IV therapy treatments.  She now provides IV infusions to replenish nutritional deficiencies in the body and help increase vitality and resilience.