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Get the Facts on PRF Injections

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PRF injections are an effective, all-natural anti-aging solution. At Your Skin Prescription, we offer PRF injections near Moon Township, PA, that are effective, long-lasting, and nonsurgical. Keep reading to learn more about how you can give your skin the anti-aging boost it deserves.

What Is PRF?

PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin. If you’re familiar with PRP (platelet-rich plasma), you can consider PRF the next generation of PRP. PRF releases beneficial growth factors for up to a week, whereas PRP only lasts a few days.

We believe this allows PRF to have a more powerful, long-term effect on your skin’s health.

How Is PRF Made?

Your own blood is used to make PRF. We start by placing your blood in a centrifuge tube, which we use to separate PRF from the rest of your blood. Then, we collect the PRF that has separated from your blood and accumulated at the top of the tube. It is a fast and easy process for educated providers like the team at Your Skin Prescription.

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What Do PRF Injections Near Moon Township, PA, Do?

Using the PRF from your own blood, we prepare PRF Gel injections. At Your Skin Prescription, we use PRF injections to rejuvenate your skin. PRF injections are also known as PRF Gel filler at our practice, as we use them to fill and restore your lost volume.

On top of adding volume, PRF injections also stimulate collagen production so you can expect your skin to keep improving for some time after your appointment. Many of our patients return for additional PRF Gel filler to achieve the maximum benefits.

PRF injections treat:

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Dark circles

What Are My PRF Injection Treatment Options?

In addition to PRF Gel filler, we can combine PRF with a microneedling treatment to facilitate complete facial skin rejuvenation. We call this a PRF microneedling treatment, but it is sometimes known as a vampire facial.

If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation, you should also consider a HydraFacial or laser facial.

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Discover PRF Perfection at Your Skin Prescription

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